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tv   [untitled]    January 19, 2012 1:31pm-2:01pm PST

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supervisor kim: i am joined today by supervisor farrell and supervisor campos. we also want to thank the staff at sfgovtv. are there any announcements? >> the items on the agenda -- supervisor mar to the local
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agency formation commission. supervisor kim: it was previously held by a supervisor mirkarimi. motion? we will open up for public comment. >> we are part of the coalition a regular instead of alternate member. we have not heard back. i don't know if there is anything to do about it.
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supervisor kim: is there any other comment on this item? >> i would like to oppose this appointment. i feel that supervisor mar should be spending more time in his district. i think some people feel that way. i don't see them here. at least i am here to say so. he has consistently refused to help the chinese group of employees at san francisco general and he showed no interest at all regarding a dead game man named joseph.
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i think he needs to spend more time in his district rather than taking an independent assignment, and appointing another supervisor in his place, i think he will actually be helping his district. being a drag in the year of the dragon, i have done my research. i feel he has to do more time in his district rather than away from the district. supervisor kim: any other public comment on item number one? public comment is now closed. the motion in front of us is the appointment of a supervisor mar to lafco. >> i will make a motion to send a foreword to the full board. supervisor kim: without oppo
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opposition. >> there is another supervisor interested in joining lafco. supervisor kim: thank you, supervisor campos. >> item two, appointing eric mar to california state association of counties. >> it is a replacement for supervisor mirkarimi. we will open up for public comment. >> my name is douglas, and basically for the same reason, i have to speak out on item number two.
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just from the title of the item, it seems like this is the job that is less important serving his constituents in that district. obviously, one of the problems is the alexandria theater. i think everyone agrees that has not been solved and need extra attention. we ought to send a message to the people in the district that what they say is important. also, i heard rumors that many of the perry street business owners and what is upcoming in regard to 38 gary. that needs to be addressed also. any supervisor could take this appointment and i think supervisor mar needs to pay
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attention to his district and take care of business. supervisor campos: i move to send this item forward with recommendations. supervisor kim: can you call item no. 3? >> appointing supervisor carmen chu. supervisor kim: this is also a seat held by former supervisor mirkarimi. we will open up for public comment. >> my name is douglas. being born in the year of the
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dragon, i feel like i have to speak out. like in the last election, anything can happen. who do you really trust? her district has not been fully served. i grew up in that district and i feel that that district has not been served adequately. she ought to be spending more time in the district addressing needs. her staff never calls me back, so i consider that a complement. she is doing the best job she can, and at least in her term on a favorable light. i don't see any chinese people standing here willing to give public comment, but being a dragon, i refused to be intimidated. supervisor kim: thank you.
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is there any other public comment? supervisor campos: i make a motion to move this item forward. supervisor kim: without opposition. >> item 4, rejecting the appointments to the board of appeals for the term ending july 1, 2012. supervisor kim: is e see rich hillis is here. talk about your background and your interested in serving. >> thank you for considering my nomination. it is an honor to have the mayor appoint me in this direction. i left this city in august of last year, i worked for 15 years.
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mostly in economic development, i worked for the -- i started in the mayor's budget office and worked at recreation and parks. i truly enjoyed my time with the city. it was a dream job for me to work on the project. the city gave me a lot of experience and expertise in land use. i feel like this is an opportunity to give a little of that back. i would approach the position much like i approach my work on the city. i value public input. i am open to new ideas and thinking. i tried to be fair and thoughtful, working through some things that are fairly complicated and obtuse. i am now working as the executive director of the four hot mason center, a nonprofit
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cultural institution. the biggest struggle as $15 million. i have kids at mckinley elementary. we are honored to be nominated. supervisor kim: are there any questions? just from prior conversations, many constituents and neighborhood groups, if you could talk a little bit more in terms of your thought process on how to incorporate community feedback? >> that is the most important part of this, to listen to
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stakeholders whether they be neighbors or community activists. i have value of their input, some of the most interesting projects i worked on. most of the interesting ideas came from neighbors, implementing what they had to say. it is something that i am very much used to endow look forward to working with the community. supervisor farrell: i do appreciate the question by the chair, i think it is important to make sure that community input is included. for me, this is not a difficult decision. i have worked with him the on a number of matters and i have always found him to be very responsible, supremely talented,
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i think he will be very fair and judicious. i am not so sure about the university of chicago, but we will put that aside. i think it is an excellent appointment, and i wish you the best. supervisor kim: at this time, we will open up for public comment. >> i am supporting the appointment, but what i do is evaluate the gentleman working with the mayor's office of economic development. this is just my opinion, i am sure he will probably do a better job going to another job, but in my opinion, i have been told i am the most feared a
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black man in city hall. when he was the acting director, when you talk about community engagement, i hope you have a better policy than the mayor's office of economic development. i am just here on another matter, and i thought i would be remiss if i did not speak my opinion on it. they did not do a good job when i approached you several times. you acted as if we did not exist. you thought it was a secondary issue. of the time, we talked to department heads. you certainly didn't do it when you were over there. it is not my opinion, it is just a fact. i am here all over the city to
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set a new standard for san francisco. the mayors and all the department heads. supervisor kim: public comment is now closed. i am also really pleased to see that the mayor has nominated you, we really saw how you were able to both appreciate and recognize a lot of community voices on treasure island, so we wanted to thank you for that. are there any other comments?
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>> we got to start working together a little bit last year, but it is great to have you in district 2. i know we have a lot of challenges, for sure. i think i will be very happy to send the motion forward with full recommendation. supervisor kim: lenient actually do a motion to confirm the appointment. if we can do that without opposition. we need to go back, and we have the motion to amend the motion to confirm the appointment to the board of appeals? we can do that again without opposition.
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can you please call item no. 5? >> motion confirming that the mayor's appointment to the redevelopment agency oversight board. supervisor kim: i know that malcolm young is here from the mayor's office to provide a brief introduction. i am sure he will be doing a summary, on december 27 or 28, they approved of the -- the mayor's office and many of the departments that are present today have been working very quickly to help move the city forward to become a successor agency horry development activities. >> good afternoon, supervisors.
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thank you for giving us this time to introduce the the duties and functions of the oversight board. i did want to introduce minor amendments to the motion. the first is the correction of the spelling of the name of. it was misspelled, that was corrected. i will read that into the record and provide copies to the clerk. for the move, the appointments to the successor agency oversight board shall commence once the body is established in the resolution. essentially, this amendment makes clear that the oversight
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board that is not going to affect and is not established until the companion resolution is going to go in front of the board on tuesday is approved had adopted by the mayor. for the of point of december 29, the california supreme court ruled in the redevelopment association on key pieces of legislation regarding the agency. i will start with that one, it is a provision that would allow for localities and jurisdictions to buy back into the redevelopment program. it was called the dissolution resolution.
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unless the upton back in under the supreme court of effectively overturned, other duties, particularly those related to an forceable obligations will be transferred to the successor entity which, in this case is the city and county of san francisco. overseeing some of those duties will be something called the oversight board that has been created. the oversight board will consist of seven members, four of which are appointed by the mayor of san francisco and confirmed by
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the board of supervisors. the other three will be appointed, one by the superintendent, one by the chancellor of the california community college system, and one by the largest special taxing entity which is part. -- barty. . the members have a fiduciary duty to the particular interests, this includes holders of bonds and also parties to a contract with the redevelopment agency. the second interest artie entities themselves. the most critical of which i believe are the approval of the recognized obligation payment schedule which is the list of contracts and obligations that the agency is required to
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continue forward with. they will be the body that approves those. he will ensure that the enforceable obligations are met and will oversee the disposal of assets that are not for governmental purposes to terminate or amend contracts related to existing obligations if it is in the best interest of the tax amenities. there is also a long list of other duties that i won't go over. it was included in an faq. the resolution that i referred to earlier, there will be transferred the designation to the oversight board from the board of supervisors. there are three in particular. authority to the oversight board for the remaining large
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project areas that are under enforceable obligations. this designation of land use authority is simply a transfer of the existing land-use authority that the agency and the commission currently has. if you vote on a tuesday, the board will also designate to amend or enter into agreements. yet to issue bonds is necessary to meet in forceable obligations. that is a quick overview of the functions of the oversight board. the mayor has nominated four candidates and i will not going to their backgrounds. i will name them and introduce them. nadia sesay, olsen lee, john
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rahaim, and bob muscat. supervisor campos: thank you, madam chair, thank you for the presentation. i have more of a procedural question. let me say that i can definitely understand why the mayor made these appointments. i think each one of these individuals brings a great deal to the table and they make a lot of sense. i see this as a procedural matter. in terms of process, since the agency or the body that they would be serving as technically not been created, how does it make sense to make the appointment or recommend appointments before the creation of that body? i am not sure if that is a question for you or for the city attorney's office, but it is something that i was thinking
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since we are still in the process of trying to figure out whether or not this body will actually exist. >> i can address that briefly. the amendment that i introduced significantly addresses that procedural question. the amendment would not make these appointments effective until the approval of the resolution, which is essentially what would provide the oversight board with functions, duties, things like that. the oversight board will not be created or established, we made a bad amendment specifically to address these type of procedural concerns. >> and jessie smith, the city attorney's office. the operative logs, as you probably know, this is np


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